Hello and welcome to the Soul Survivor Worship Team page, we’re SO glad you’re here! Feel free to explore the site and all of it’s resources including music, chord charts, video song tutorials and tonnes more! We hope and pray your time here is well spent as we look to raise up worship leaders, musicians, and worshippers for the local church. Thanks for visiting.

Tom Smith – Soul Survivor Worship Pastor


Month of Worship

Throughout all of February, we as a church are very excited to be hosting a month focused on worship. We feel God is calling us to a deeper place of his presence, and we’ve started to notice this in our Sunday times of worship. For us as a church right now, this feels like great timing as we look to him, and we’d love for all of us to go on this journey together. We hope & pray to see you there at these nights of worship and to join us as we venture together as a church focusing on worshiping Jesus

Check out the live video of the song ‘Reality’ recorded live from the Soul Survivor Festivals in Peterborough. More Live Video’s >