For your Glory

I personally love creation, it reminds me of how great and majestic the creator is. Every time I see the sun rise or set, I’m reminded and stirred to be grateful for His unfailing love. I don't know about you, but there is something about mornings and evenings...

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Dominik LaimComment
Authentic Submission

All of the great revivals in this country happened when prayer, social justice and worship overlapped – William Wilberforce helped legally end slavery in the UK, William and Mary Booth set up the Salvation Army to help the poor, two old ladies praying together started the Hebridean revival.

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Dan GoodwrightComment
You Need To Sing

‘You need to sing.’ I imagine you’d expect a statement like that from a devotional series like this or from your worship pastor, musical friends and the like. Singing is one of my favourite things to do.

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Luke TaylorComment
God On The Lookout

If you are reading this then my guess is you already spend quite a bit of time worshipping at church, or listening to worship music. As often as I can I try to remind myself why we worship. Knowing the ‘why’ stops it becoming a mindless routine.

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Andy Croft Comments
Inside-Out Worship

One of my favourite things about the Church body is it’s community. The majority of my best mates are in my Church family. The opportunity to disciple, pray for and walk alongside each other is beautiful. And in my very little experience of being a worship pastor, there is nothing like the sight of watching God’s people wrapped up in the song of Heaven.

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Caz BrandComment
Worship is a Weapon

King Jehoshaphat was 35 years old. For much of his reign he’d worked hard to protect the people of Judah from enemy invasion. But now he was to face his toughest challenge yet. Numerous armies, vast in number, were fast approaching with the sole intent of causing mass death and destruction.

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Tim Hughes Comments
What Matters Most

This interaction happened the day after Jesus fed the five thousand, and the crowds had followed Him to the other side of the lake. They had just seen Jesus do this amazing miracle the day before and they wanted to see more…

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Andrew HoltComment
First & Only

I’ve been so struck recently by the Message translation in Psalm 16 where the psalmist writes ‘My choice is you, God, first and only’. Isn’t that a beautiful picture of what worship is about? In a culture where we have never been surrounded by so many choices and faced with so many decisions…

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Sam BaileyComment

Scenario 1: It’s Sunday morning.  Soundcheck is 8am. You arrive a little bleary eyed but ready to serve.  You had a rehearsal earlier in the week, you had a good pray leading into this moment, songs are prepared, everyone arrives on time and you’re off…..kick drum please.

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Lou FellinghamComment
Compelled By His Love

Staying motivated in life can be hard. I’m writing this at the end of January and the New Year’s resolutions are quickly fading for us all. The new exercise regime is replaced by the old sofa once more.

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Paul NelsonComment
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

I recently visited a church in a small beach town here in Australia, and when worship began it was hard not to notice that the worship leader was leading like someone else. From her appearance to the way she sang and even her unique expressions of worship…

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Lex BuckleyComment
Look Like Jesus

It’s essential to remember that our worship has to look like Jesus. If you take a quick glance at the heavenly throne room, as described a few times in scripture, it reflects Jesus brilliantly.

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Matt RedmanComment
Engaging the Father's Heart

Of all the interesting human characters in the Bible, I am most intrigued by King David. Not because of his pure ingenuity in penning some of the most beautiful and fascinating psalms; not because of his interesting personality…

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Nothing Else

The morning I wrote Nothing Else with two other friends was a defining, about-face moment for my life. The season leading up to that moment was full of frustration from unmet expectations and disappointments.

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Cody CarnesComment
Pausing to give thanks

I’ve recently become a fan of Marie Kondo. If you haven’t heard of her, she makes a living out of decluttering, tidying and organising people’s houses... All the things we would be much better at if someone was paying US too!

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Beth CroftComment
Lingering in God's Presence

Worship is not just about songs we sing or a place we go. It’s about a relationship we have. All relationships need time together to grow in friendship. Our best friends are those we can sit together in silence and still enjoy the pleasure of each other’s presence.

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Wayne Drain Comments
A song from the heart

We’ve all been there…at a worship night, a home group, church…slightly tired, slightly hungry, a to do list racing through our mind, someone in the room that we want to chat to, anticipating getting home to unwind and relax.

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Lucy Grimble Comments
The Greatest Act of Worship

If I were to ask you “what would the greatest worship event of all time look like?”, what would immediately come to mind?

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Authority in Worship

There is authority in our worship. The atmosphere of worshiping opens our hearts in a way nothing else really does. God has revealed so many things to me during moments of worship that I don’t think I could’ve heard or seen in any other environment.

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Mack Brock Comments
The More

Wow! It’s finally here, our month focused on worship. I’ve been so excited for some time now about what God is going to teach us as we go on this journey together as a church and alongside worship leaders & musicians from all over the world.

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Tom Smith Comments