A Voice in the Wilderness


I was at a song writing retreat a few years back and there was a speaker giving a talk before we started writing. He was trying to get us to open up our creative minds and think outside the box. He asked us to do this exercise, he said ‘I want you to close your eyes and to think about the church of the future. It’s the year 3000 and what does the church look like to you? What do you see, what do you hear, what are you experiencing?’ It was a little strange, but very interesting. There were some really great answers, one person saw a massive global church where you just put on a pair of glasses and you were transported to this church. The lights had colours that we’d never seen and new sounds were being played that had never been heard. It sounded amazing, looked amazing and God was moving!

When I closed my eyes, I’m not sure if I wasn’t quite awake or just hadn’t had my coffee yet, but all I could see was this tent, like a wedding marquee that maybe fit 500 people. It would set up on the outskirts of town/city and hold meetings. It was a basic sound system, white wash of lighting across the stage, there was an acoustic guitar and a worship leader. It was not flashy and in fact it was a bit of a let down. But when the worship leader would lead these songs, the presence of God filled that tent that none of that other stuff mattered. I don’t know what he/she looked like but there was this hunger, humility, obedience, authority, confidence and anointing that was like nothing we’d ever seen or heard. The songs were simple and pure that brought people to their knees. It was so incredible to see and feel the atmosphere that this worship leader would lead people into. God was moving in such a tangible way that people could not get enough, people were getting saved, healed and set free. Word would spread about this tent traveling around carrying the presence of God. It was authentic, real, tangible and left a trail of revival.

This picture reminded me of John the Baptist who was a ‘voice in the wilderness’ calling on people to repent. John the Baptist was different, he ate strange things and wore funny clothing that wasn’t normal back in those days. But he had a call, an anointing on his life to share Jesus with people who would listen. He didn’t have to promote himself or Instagram story all the people showing up. It was a move of God that caught the hearts and attention of many people.

I’ve struggled to write this blog, but I have felt strongly that I needed to share this and I feel there is someone out there who needed to read this. If you have a heart and passion to lead worship, please pursue it with all you have. We need you to be YOU and to lead this next generation and the generations to come. Don’t compare, or get distracted looking to the left or to the right! Don’t worry what people may think or what it may look like. The only thing you need to worry about is not getting in the way of Holy Spirit. I believe there is a new wave coming and there will be a voice in the wilderness that will lead the way. Pursue the presence of God, delight in Him and be close to Him and just watch what He does.


Ben Cantelon

Ben is a part of the wider Soul Survivor family having previously been a part of the church for many years. He was on staff as our worship pastor before moving to HTB Church to be a part of the Worship Central team there. Ben currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Alice, and their two children where he is producing & writing many records. His songs include ‘Saviour Of The World’, Hallelujah’, and ‘Love Came Down’. We love you Benny Boy!

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