Authority in Worship

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There is authority in our worship.

The atmosphere of worshiping opens our hearts in a way nothing else really does.

God has revealed so many things to me during moments of worship that I don’t think I could’ve heard or seen in any other environment. One of the most impactful, perspective shifting moments was when I began to understand the authority and power that our words carry in worship. When we DECLARE truth about who God is, about His capabilities, His glory… and about our position with him - it actually influences real world results in our lives.

I used to get discouraged singing certain worship songs….

All to Jesus, I surrender. All to him I freely give…

It felt like it wasn’t true for me, I knew I was trying to surrender everything but subconsciously I was holding stuff back. Was I really capable of saying “I surrender ALL” to Jesus? Sometimes I couldn’t even surrender half an hour that day to read my bible. So, did that just make me a hypocrite? A liar?

But I came to realise, that’s not what worship is about. Worship isn’t about our capacity. Worship is about Him. His capacity.

It's a prayer. It’s communion. It's speaking out loud the desire of our hearts - even if we don’t fully feel like our hearts are there yet.

And when we understand and receive the grace that covers the entirety of our lives, our thoughts, our words, we can fully embrace the authority we really do have in worship and stop ourselves from getting caught up in the things we are not. Worship can become a catalyst for us, a place where we can break the chains that hold us back. It becomes not only a declaration about God, it can become a declaration over ourselves. A prayer for our hearts.

Sing boldly during worship. Don’t be timid or second guessing. Speak with authority the words that proclaim God’s truth as if it is true of you and of Him right now… even if you don’t feel it. It will change your life.


Mack Brock

Mack has served as a worship leader and producer at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina for over 15 years. It was there he helped form the worship group ‘Elevation Worship’ who’s songs are helping many churches meet with God all around the world. His song’s include ‘Do It Again’, ‘O Come To The Altar’, and ‘Here As In Heaven’, and he has recently released his debut solo album ‘Greater Things’. Mack is married to Meredith and they have two little children. We love you Mack!

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