For your Glory


PSALM 113:3-4 (CEB)

From sunrise to sunset, let the Lord’s Name be praised!
The Lord is high over all the nations;
God’s glory is higher than the skies!

I personally love creation, it reminds me of how great and majestic the creator is. Every time I see the sun rise or set, I’m reminded and stirred to be grateful for His unfailing love. I don't know about you, but there is something about mornings and evenings...

So, no matter how I feel, I choose to praise Him with my life. Especially on days when I can't see the “sun” and everything feels grey.

That doesn’t mean, that I sing Him all day long, or read the bible two hours a day. (Even though that can be amazing…) But it means that I have decided for my life to put a smile on God's face. I am honest to God, my heart is laid out before him and I try to please him with my everyday life. And when I fall, I get up and move on, because my Jesus is a lifter.

In the same way, my desire as a worship leader, is to see the church rise and unite in worship. I love the “picture” of falling down to be lifted up. I believe if we humble ourselves before God and fall down at the feet of Jesus, he will lift us up and make us shine for his glory. For we have been set free to love and shine where light is needed. So let us commit to our calling and be the church, the person he calls us to be.

Let us be a generation that knows how to “dance” for the glory of our Jesus Christ.


Lord, thank you for loving me, and that you have loved me first.
I choose to give you praise, let my life put a smile on your face today.
Let your light in me be contagious, so that my world would recognise it and fall at your feet to give you all the praise that you deserve.



Dominik Laim

Dom is on staff at ICF Zurich church in Switzerland as one of the main worship pastors there. Along with Dave Kull and Tamara Fontijn, he also helps head up ICF Worship, a collective of musicians called the serve the wider church with their music. They have together released many albums including their latest Swiss-german speaking record ‘Höher’. Their songs include ‘For Your Glory’, ‘All About You’, and ‘Unstoppable’. Dom is also a music producer and produces all of the ICF Worship music with Integrity Music. His church ICF (International Christian Fellowship) are great friends of Soul Survivor, and have over fifty churches throughout Switzerland and Europe. We love you Dom & team!

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