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Wow! It’s finally here, our month focused on worship. I’ve been so excited for some time now about what God is going to teach us as we go on this journey together as a church and alongside worship leaders & musicians from all over the world. Our heart is that we would be stirred as the people of God, with a hunger and passion to devote our everyday in worship to Jesus.

One thing I’ve felt God speaking to me about recently, is stepping into ‘the more’ in our times of worship. We hear this phrase a lot during our church services and times of worship, but what does it really mean to be more open to His active and working spirit, responding to us in times of worship. In the Psalms, David says in Chapter 22 v 3 (TPT):

“Yet I know you are most holy, it’s indisputable. You are God-Enthroned, surrounded with songs living among the shouts of praise of your princely people”

What we’re told here, is there IS ‘more’ to just singing His praise and lifting our hands (which is all good stuff), but as we worship, God himself inhabits the praise of his people. He loves it so much, He (The Holy Spirit) comes to join us amongst our adoration for him. I always like to think of singing to God like a conversation with someone. You wouldn’t necessarily just talk and talk at someone without letting him or her get a word in back to you (I know people who do!). The polite thing would be to let them respond and talk back to you; otherwise it’s not really a conversation but more like a counselling session. It’s true also in our times of worship, we’re meant to listen a bit more than we’re meant to speak (or sing). We’ve got two ears and one mouth for a good reason. In the word, James encourages us to “Be quick to listen, but slow to speak” and our Pastor Mike Pilavachi always says: “The more we wait, the more God does”. So as we sing and raise our voices to God, let’s be also be looking to make space and listen in to what he may be wanting to say to us. As we do this, I believe we’re opening our hearts to ’the more’ that we’re so longing for. As we enter into His holy presence face to face, that’s the place where his power is most at work, and the place where once experienced, you never want to leave. Times like these are literal glimpses of Heaven!

Let’s not just let our worship times settle for a short time of Christian Karaoke. We can zoom from song to song, where the music is very pleasing to the ear and we have to get our phones out, Instagram it, Hashtag “Worship is banging today”. We’ve all done it right….? Don’t get me wrong, I think we’re meant to offer our best to God in worship, but what I’ve come to find is this will only ever take us so far. Worship was never meant to satisfy us, if anything it’s meant to cost us. Our precious and valuable time spent in the presence of God, I think can be one of the greatest acts of worship in our day and age. God loves to spend time with us, he loves us so much, all he wants is us. Knowing he loves us, sparks our passion for relationship & friendship even more with Jesus. The more time I’ve spent praying to God, talking to him, adoring him in His presence, reading his very words from the Bible, the more I fall deeper in Love with such a gracious Saviour.

This is where it starts. This is the heart of where all true worship begins, in His presence.

My prayer for you reading this devotion is that this day, the first of February 2019, would be the start of a fresh revelation of His Holy Spirit. Whether you lead worship, play in the team, or simply sing amongst many in your church congregation, let’s look for the opportunity in our sung worship to take the time to listen to what God might be wanting to say, and enter into ‘the more’.

Go for it.



Tom Smith

Tom heads up all things worship here at Soul Survivor Church and the summer festivals. He and his wife Susi have been part of the team here at Soul Survivor for 3 years now and have a little toddler called Sonny, and another one on the way! Tom has recently released his EP ‘Everyday’ featuring songs ‘Jesus I Love You’, ‘1000 Years, & title track ‘Everyday’. He’s a massive Spurs fan, and LOVES Açai bowls (If you know, you KNOW!).

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